In 2018 TEXO opened a small water softener exchange business in Houston, Texas. American Membrane Soft Water eventually grew into a small dealer network featuring the TEXO brand.

TEXO had evolved into a manufacturing and distributing company serving independent OEM assemblers. During the year, TEXO designed and manufactured several Water Softener Plant, DI Water Plant, RO Plant, Cartridge Filters, Parts & Accessories.

We have invested in a modern infrastructure that is unfold over a extensive vicinity. It is prepared with advanced equipment and more than one services that help us to characteristic in a clean manner. We have segregated our facility into numerous divisions to make certain that most viable operational performance may be attained, the blessings of which can be surpassed on to the customers. All these divisions feature in a coordinated manner with every other and are managed via our team of dexterous experts. Our specialists are adept of their respective areas of knowledge and attempt to carry out to the quality in their talents. We select them on the basis of their experience, qualifications and mind-set.

We are a personal firm, functioning beneath the esteemed steerage of Mr. Jagdish Patel Through his extensive industry enjoy and inspirational leadership skills, he has been capable of take the enterprise to heights unimagined in advance. We export our products in throughout World.