American Membrane LLC is a leading supplier, distributor, of Reverse Osmosis Plants, Water Softener Water Treatment Plants, Treated Water Bottling Projects, and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Installation is simple, maintenance is minimal, and efficiency is excellent. Our services are provided by industry experts in accordance with the needs of the clients and are completed within the time frames specified. We want to provide safe drinking water to everyone, and our main goal is to provide the best service possible to our customers, who should be pleased with our work.


The mission of the American Membrane is to be a solid progressive force in the water treatment field and a leader in Water Treatment processing by developing strong customer and vendor relationships through the highest quality products at a competitive price with a clean, safe work environment where employees are rewarded for their productive accomplishments.


Our expertise in the environmental engineering industry leverages on our highly qualified team that is an asset to our company. Their expertise in this branch of engineering has given us an edge above our competitors in this field. The team of experts that we have recruited comprises of engineers, technocrats skilled and semi-skilled workers and allied workers who work in different departments like management and administration, quality control, research and development and marketing. All our personnel have a wide knowledge about the industry and very well understand the present day requirements of these treatment plants. To further polish their skills and increase their knowledge, we conduct regular training sessions that educate them on the recent developments taking place in the industry across the globe.