New technologies and new materials are constantly changing TEXO’s production capabilities. As a result, many of our customers rely on TEXO to provide technical support, product design and engineering assistance. Our engineering staff utilizes the latest information and CAD/CAM techniques including software such as AutoCAD and Solid Works to create innovative new products. Our engineering team will help you with product design, tooling design, manufacturing, quality control, and secondary operations including routing and finishing steps.

Our knowledge of blow molding enables us to assist our customers with design ideas that include different plastic molding alternatives. This can improve product quality, functionality, and manufacture.

Quality is an important aspect in the way we do things at TEXO. All of our molding and production equipment is microprocessor-controlled to report quality and productivity information to our Statistical Process Control program. This integrated quality control system reveals variations during the run, not after the fact. As a result, TEXO quality is consistently within specification – job after job after job.